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"I’ve been a client of Blessing Financial Services for few years now.  Jane’s professionalism and quality of work are unsurpassed.  Her big picture view and attention to details are amazing!  All the services we received have been perfect including helping us through complicated situation representing us in an IRS audit every step of the way and it went very smoothly!  She has also given us excellent financial advices that saved us money.  You can view her very impressive fields of expertise in Blessing Financial Services webpage.  We now work with Jane for all our accounting needs year round.  Do not hestate and give Jane a call!"

                                                                                                                        - Sue T, Bridgewater, NJ


"Jane has helped us to resolve our case with the utmost positive conclusion from the IRS. Her conscientiousness, extraordinary knowledge, meticulousness, and responsiveness are rare to find among CPA firms.  If you need the highest quality of professional services, please do not hesitate to contact Jane at Blessing Financial Services CPA firm".

- Rick Y., Bridgewater, NJ


"We recently met Jane Chen and then we asked her to take us on as a client. All I can say is that this is the first Tax Season in our entire life where filing our taxes was actually enjoyable. We've had some very good CPAs do our taxes in the past but working with Jane was all about making our life easier and from now on we will work with her.(we made a new friend too)"

-Ren & Xintian, Bridgewater, NJ


"I met Jane Chen at a Somerset Count Business Partnership leads meeting. She said that she was a Tax Accountant. I was in the market for a CPA. I listened to what she had to say and I was sold. I could tell she is a very honest person so I hired her to be my Tax Accountant. Since I am a single proprietor, I could use all the help I could get. Jane guided me in setting up my Quickbooks properly to record my purchases and taxes. She even offered to help me a bit with my Quickbooks. Jane is a very thorough Tax Accountant with a specialty in auditing. Boy I am sure glad I hired Jane. The best thing about Jane is she is always willing to help. Please give her a call. I am sure she can be a big help with all of your tax needs."

-Scot G., Hackettstown, NJ


"We have been working with Jane for a few years now with the preparation of our tax return and various other tax filings for our business. She is very conscientious and responsive whenever we seek her guidance on business or personal tax related questions. We are looking forward to a long and lasting partnership with Jane and Blessing Financial Services."

-Nu Yu Acupuncture, Bridgewater, NJ


"I met Jane at a networking breakfast and learned that she was a CPA I had recently purchased my franchise and was starting a new business after 30 years in pastoral ministry. I needed a CPA who would be able to help me make sense of the transition. Jane set up a meeting with me, listened to my needs, explained how she does business and I was sold. Jane is professional, thorough, conscientious, honest, caring and extremely knowledgeable. She will make sure everything is done just right. I am glad that I found her and highly recommend her to anyone needing a CPA."

-Paul K., Jersey City, NJ


"I came to know Jane through a mutual friend who was the chairman of a large non-profit organization. Jane has performed excellent auditing work for that organization. When the non-profit organization that I serve needed to apply for tax-exempt status, our mutual friend recommended Jane to us. The application for our non-profit status was challenging and complicated. However, Jane was very thorough and conscientious in helping us prepare all the necessary document. Jane has also been exceptionally capable and professional when she represented our organization in interactions with the with IRS. Our organization is fortunate to have her as our accountant and I highly recommend Jane if your organization needs an accountant!"

-Jocelyn L., West Windsor, NJ

"I never thought I would need a CPA for my personal and business advice until I met Jane Chen in a seminar who made me realize the importance of professional opinion of CPA in financial planning and tax report process. I have been working with her ever since for all our tax related tasks. Well, she is not ordinary CPA. What impresses me the most is her profound knowledge about potential auditing red flags which concern me the most like anybody else. That discipline came from her earlier working experience. With her as my CPA, I don't have to deal with some of the tax issues I might otherwise overlook or underestimate. Her professional service and hard work is greatly appreciated."

-Yawei W., Montgomery, NJ


"Blessing Financial Services, LLC has helped me personally and with my business by taking away the anxiety of doing taxes. I finally feel FREE! Jane is very knowledgeable in many areas of accounting, taxes and auditing. What I enjoy the most is Jane's willingness to help and answer any questions I have without the meter running. I appreciate and value their service very much! I highly recommend having a conversation with Jane."

-Matthew C., Matrix IT Solutions, LLC Warren, NJ


"I was relocating from New Jersey and needed some support to help me prepare my taxes that had international tax experience. My personal banker recommended Jane. What a God send! Jane not only prepared my taxes but also supported me when I receive an audit letter from the IRS. Jane is thorough, very very accurate and represented my situation very well with the IRS. I did not have a worry in the world. The review and revision of my taxes by the IRS as stated in their notification caused me a lot of anxiety. Jane reviewed the information sent by the IRS, requested documentation from me and went to work. She corresponded with the IRS and always kept me informed. The situation was ultimately resolved in my favor thanks to the hardwork, knowledge and diligence of Jane. I would recommend Blessing Financial Service 100% to any business or individual who needs a dedicated, knowledgeable professional."

-Michelle T., Parsippany, NJ by way of British Virgin Islands